Tapered heart match pot.

Tapered heart match pot.

H 8cm D 6cm

Hand thrown match cup.

Made with a creamy stoneware clay.

Heart shaped striker paper is stuck to the front of the pot.

10 mixed colour safety matches included*

*The heap featured in the image were purchased from Etsy with a sprinkling of Bryant May Extra long matches found in most super markets.

………..Each piece is hand made, sometimes with the odd bubble, dent, drip or mark that you may not find in a posh shop! BUT all items are made with love and care. 
(I do not use filters when photographing, and try hard to pick up any imperfections….so please take a good peek at the pics’.)

Sizes are approximate.

I will post ASAP. If you are buying a whole heap of my pots, firstly, I salute you and secondly, I promise to carefully squeeze in as many pieces as possible and always keep postage costs as low as I can.

Feel free to mail me before purchasing if you have any concerns.

Thanks heaps for visiting.


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